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Hi Neville,

It sounds like a local system DNS attack. The easiest way to do such a thing is via the hosts file. In any case, in addition to getting a sample file (which I still have not received from anyone posting here), if I could get an IP-address for what ‘’ seems to point to for one of you who see the strange ‘’ site it would be appreciated.

A simple ‘ping’ in a command window usually suffices to find out the IP.

Since it’s really important to find out what, if anything, is going on – I urge anyone who posts here about this issue to please try to provide enough information so we can see what you’re seeing. This includes:

– URL’s you’re visiting.
– IP addresses to,, and .
– Actual downloaded files that do not match the information provided earlier in this thread for the genuine thing.
– Any SSL certificates that are presented by sites that do not match the genuine sites. They can be inspected, and downloaded via most if not all browsers.

Send files and such to please.