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Hello Jimb,

Thanks for the feedback!

Let me just comment:

#1 – what password is used where. This is a usability issue we’re having only with users of the previous version, and especially those who use several different passwords for whatever reason.

The idea is to make it even simpler – that it’s only one password. For all files. And if you change it, the new password works – even for files encrypted before the change.

The problem you’re having happens when the paradigm of the old and new gets mixed up.

#2 – Speed – it shouldn’t be like you describe. There may be a 1-2 second time after entering the password the first time, thereafter speed should really be comparable. We’ll have to look into that, if you can provide more information.

#3 – Stay signed in – that’s a bit related to #1, it’s mostly existing users why collide with this feature. We made it so, because of various problems with version 1, and to encourage the use of long and strong passwords – which is hard if you have to type them all the time. Nevertheless, we’re backing down on this one and will be adding options to control how this works.

#4 – Different passwords, vs Key Sharing. We really think Key Sharing is the way to go. You do not need to share any passwords, and if you share with someone who does not have AxCrypt we’ll invite him/her automatically as part of the process. Still, we’re considering to add Password-based Key Sharing as a complement.

We’re working on ways to make the transition for existing users┬ámore clear.

Thanks again for the feedback!