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And if you change it, the new password works – even for files encrypted before the change.

This confuses/scares me, as this seems to mean to me that either a) you’re keeping all of my old passwords somewhere or b) all files need to be re-encrypted when you change a password (I’ve got some ~1TB backup files encrypted on a network drive that I would not want to wait for a re-encrypt to change my account password…), or c) the password is just unlocking some other key that actually unlocks my files (scary because if that’s the case, I do not know what/where this actual key is stored) or d) I’ll sometimes need to type in one of my old passwords to open a file.

I’m assuming, from what I read elsewhere in the forums, it’s actually D?  If I encrypted the file on computer A and then changed the password on computer B, there’s no possible way for it to know/change/touch the file back on computer A…


For speed, I have been exiting AxCrypt when I’m done with it, so that’s probably where the first 1-2 seconds comes in, no idea why there’s the long delay after entering a password and the file opening.  Went back to AxCrypt 1.x and it’s instant again.