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Hello Ralph,

Thanks for the heads up. It does indeed to appear to be a false positive. Googling for ‘TrojanDropper.Daws.gpp’ finds other instances where ‘Jiangmin’ is the only only engine to report that threat for other files.

Fortunately virustotal also shows a SHA256 hash of the submitted sample, so I can confirm that your download was not tampered with – it’s the original from us. We publish current checksums here: .

I cannot stress how important it is that anyone who finds something suspicious, such as virus engine alerts or incorrect or suspicious digital signatures include:

– A sample of the file in question.
– A correct and full URL of where it was downloaded. (‘The AxCrypt site’ is not precise enough, the full URL as shown in the browser address bar, please!). I.e.: which is the official download page, or even which is the actual download itself.