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I too dislike AxCrypt 2 but I suspect the reason for the new model is for commercial purposes and I can’t blame the developer for that. I assume he has a family / wife to feed.

I prefer the ability to use a different password per file, be able to distribute it to friends without needing them to sign-up to AxCrypt and not being required to enter an email address (real or fake) in order to use the program.

On one of my computers I use AxCrypt 2 but in order to retain the functionality of v1 (which is no longer developed) I’m using some FOSS (Free Open Source Software) from Jetico – BCArchive which is essentially the same as AxCrypt v1 except it’s being actively developed and has more bells and whistles to increase security even further – the download page is here. If you want basic then you just use the right click context menu in Windows and it works the same way as AxCrypt 1 plus you can also make self extracting archives (which you can’t in AxCrypt v2).

I really can’t see the developer of AxCrypt making a Windows Phone version – hardly anybody uses the platform any more and Microsoft aren’t committed to it. Development of software is expensive, time consuming and part of a lifecycle. I’d like to know how many paid users there are of AxCrypt – I suspect, unfortunately, there are nowhere near enough which’d make developing another piece of software extremely expensive and a waste of resources.