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I’d like to ask that you add a warning in very simple terms with wording to the effect of;

“You are activating recursive folder/directory encryption. Do not proceed unless you fully understand the consequences of this feature. If you are at all unsure, cancel now to avoid loss of data and consult the user guide. To proceed please type the words: I understand. “

Nobody can then blame AxCrypt if they lose their data. By requiring the user to type in two words it removes the possibility of accidentally clicking a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button. You may also consider adding the option to the settings to allow a user to remove the requirement to type two words but you’d still offer a binary (Yes / No) warning prompt.

I’d even consider an additional warning prompt if they try to encrypt a folder like Program Data, Program Files, Windows etc. Perhaps;

“The folder you are attempting to encrypt is critical to system operation. You should not encrypt this folder as you will almost certainly damage your system. If you are 100% certain you wish to proceed type the word: Dangerous. AxCrypt cannot be held responsible for the consequences of ignoring this advice.”