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I see it as a problem too because I’d prefer it if AxCrypt used a separate password for encryption and account login. From what I’ve read on this forum they’re using one password for ‘simplicity’. It is technically possible to not send the password to the server but this requires quite a bit of programming. I’d also like the ability to use different passwords per file.

The hash on its own though is useless – here’s a good explanation of how secure it is:

“Even calling this millions of years is ridiculous. And it doesn’t get much better with the fastest hardware on the planet computing thousands of hashes in parallel. No human technology will be able to crunch this number into something acceptable.”

It’s easier for Microsoft to steal your data or for a hacker to break into your system than it is to attack a SHA512 hash.

I’ve seen the free BCArchive recommended lots of times on here and elsewhere. In fact the company Jetico who make that software is recommended by eminent cryptographer Bruce Schneier.