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Hi Simone,

Thanks for your analysis. Your raise some interesting points. I think you’re right in that the changes are so great, that old users lack continuity, and thus risk feeling uncomfortable with it.

We’re working on this, but one fact is that new users are at least as happy with the new version, as old users are with the old – at least from comments and support questions we get. Almost all issues relate to old users upgrading. So, we really see signs that the new version is a good product, and that it in fact meets the same basic need. But old users have gotten so used to it, and habits are hard to change. If we had received any significant revenue earlier, it would have been a more gradual process of course but now the fact is that it was essentially unchanged for 15 years, now finally we’re actually doing something with the product, moving it forward. But the first step to upgrade, is perhaps a little more of a leap ;-)