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Right. I understand.

However – in my office, anybody out of 5 guys there is allowed to sit at my computer and check and fix something in case I’m not there to do it myself. Everybody is the domain administrator, so they could change the password if they wanted, but they don’t have to, cause it’s “12345” and everybody knows it.

But I do have some private files on the computer and those I would like to have encrypted without axcrypt remembering my password.

I totally understand that most offices don’t work this way, but my, luckily, does. So for me, version 1.7 it is.

Also I would like to say that I really like the simple yet powerful feature that axcrypt provides. Keep up the good work. Just make it a bit more configurable and allow people to completely switch off saving the password. BTW, the documentation talks about the possibility to uncheck the “save my password”, but I haven’t seen that in the app (I run a Windows Server 2012 R2).