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Thank you Svante,

Yes, it’s the standard Notepad as part of the Windows 10 OS, it must retain some currency or handle to the file even though the file has been closed, maybe because I have many other text files open, but they have nothing to do with AxCrypt.

If I repeat the operation with a .jpg file AxCrypt works as expected, d/click the .jpg – pic viewer loads and displays picture – broom handle shows in AxCrypt, close the viewer – broom handle disappears – repeat ad nauseum no problem.

Also the same with a .docx file, but as you say, if I close the file but leave MS Word active then the broom stays, but clears as soon as I close MS Word.

So it must be Notepad, I will have to use some other text editor/viewer, I’m sure there are many.

Thanks for your help.