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I very much dislike the complexity of email PGP Svante (although I know this isn’t what the Lightwind would use it for) as it’s cumbersome, not well implemented in email applications, difficult to understand, has a complicated and inconvenient web of trust and doesn’t offer perfect forward secrecy. There are other reasons too.

It does however offer a very simple encryption feature that allows right clicking and encrypting with a password or public key for Windows users. The Linux version Is significantly more bothersome because of the requirement to use the command line.

Here are a few articles that I largely agree with:

And, for balance, one that I disagree with:

Of course that doesn’t mean PGP isn’t extremely secure but the specification and manual is horrendously complicated.

Lightwind, if you’re reading this: the Windows version is easy to use for password protecting files.

Svante, I agree with you not implementing PGP. AxCrypt is better off without it, no matter how secure it is… trying to explain it to ordinary non-technical people is difficult and implementation is hard.