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Thanks for that Svante,

Yes, there is no problem, just my misunderstanding of how AxCrypt works and it’s relationship with multi-document programs. I didn’t realise that Notepad behaved in exactly the same way as eg MS Word, I had assumed that each open text file would be a separate instance, but obviously not, and as you say if I ensure that my encrypted text file is the only occurrence of Notepad then AxCrypt works normally in the broom department.

I use multiple instances of Notepad to provide shortcuts to hopping round the different virtual desktops as Windows don’t see fit to provide one, so I can’t use AxCrypt for my text files that I wish to encrypt. I did find a rather nifty alternative though in Notepad++, a free GNU based alternative, to which I associated my own extension of .ntx and renamed my text files accordingly.

Maybe this hasn’t come to light before as basic text files aren’t probably seen as fitting vehicles for files of a sensitive nature. Thanks again.