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Joseph Hamilton

I first used V1 for years, but switched. Cryptography is one of my strong points, and I can tell you that I would never develop an application which calls for incoming/outgoing traffic. The fact an e-mail is required, and yes i just installed latest update you released today (So I wouldn’t post incorrect info for an outdated release) it does require it upon first time installation is an issue. Say, if your website is down then I can’t decrypt my file’s? That is not right, a year license for stronger AES key length? aescrypt is a free open source project with higher security, and much easier and lightweight on resources. Open-Source is almost a requirement for good encryption software, how else would we know if there’s a backdoor, or if the encryption algorithm(s) are implemented correctly? I recently audited the code from an open-source encryption program, just to findout there was indeed a backdoor and that WAS open-source (Before the project was terminated). Imagine what closed-source software can do… There are way too many good/free/open-source encryption software out there I am surprised any company selling it is even in business anymore. Now, of course I wont be using AxCrypt anymore including V1, because if there no updates to it eventually it won’t be as secure due to new development in brute-force, and faster computing power etc.

Thank you for AxCrypt V1, wish you would of kept it alive :)

P.S. Maybe you would consider re-opening AxCrypt Project and just focusing on updating security over time? (By not devoting more than say, 10% of your time?).