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I had went to install AxCrypt V2 on one of my windows computers that cant connect to the internet, and when I entered my real email address it wouldn’t work. As many people do, I have my own concerns regarding cryptography. I dont use any such software that connects to the internet, i only use open source software, and I only use AES-256 & Twofish – 256 in XTS mode. Using very high iterations count and very strong random password. It is extremely difficult to find such software that has what I need.

I apologize for not realize it is open source, I couldn’t find the source or topics on it so i figured it must not be. Usually that is something developers love to brag about lol.

Also, like i said I wouldnt be using V1 unless the security was still maintained. If version 2 wouldnt suite me than i would switch to another project in active development.