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I think the problem with your idea is that AxCrypt wouldn’t play nicely with Windows Active Directory.

Microsoft have developed their own sharing solution which means that files are normally locked as read-only if multiple people try to access them simultaneously in order that data isn’t lost and to prevent the file being damaged. Software like Microsoft Office tracks revisions and then updates the master document afterwards. Sometimes it’s done in real-time but this requires complex platform interoperability and doesn’t always work as expected.

AxCrypt would probably not integrate well with your AD because of this sensible feature Microsoft have designed.

My advice would be to use BitLocker in your scenario as this is fully transparent and part of Windows – it’ll protect your files if your computer is stolen.

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>If you want to protect files in transit (e.g. cloud sharing) then BitLocker won’t protect you and you need AxCrypt.</span>


BitLocker – protects files at rest

AxCrypt – protects files at rest* and in transit

*in an active directory I wouldn’t recommend using AxCrypt for protecting files at rest

*for home users who don’t have BitLocker then they can use AxCrypt for both functions (in transit and at rest).