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Hello Pedro,

Yes, I read the list, and much of it is indeed sound advice but it must be taken in context.

The truth is far from “anybody in a privileged position could log the password“. That’s simply not true. Period.

The various leaks and errors made in SSL have been adressed one after another, as they are revealed. That’s not to say there aren’t any more – but it is to say it’s not that easy to design a secure protocol and I’d much rather use a well-known fixed protocol, than a less used and less analyzed, and less fixed protocol. Even worse – make up my own.

That a protocol has no known leaks does not mean it’s secure. That’s the problem with security. You can’t typically prove security, only demonstrate insecurity.

Properly used SSL/TLS is still trusted to protect a majority of world secrets, and world economic assets – and in general does a pretty good job of it, since both you and me and perhaps a billion of other users still have our money in our respective bank accounts without it being stolen by way of a hacked SSL/TLS connection with our banks for example.

The incentive to successfully hack and intercept an arbitrary SSL/TLS connection in economic terms is absolutely gigantic. It hasn’t happened. That’s one reason I trust SSL/TLS for AxCrypt use.

If, however, you have any indication that we’re not using SSL/TLS properly (no one is perfect) – please let us know and we’ll fix it immediately.