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I also would prefer to be able to encrypt/decrypt files individually.  Axcrypt2 functionally becomes very much like Veracrypt in that when you decrypt, all your files are functionally unencrypted.  So Axcrypt loses it’s distinctiveness from other products.  The reason I don’t like the idea of Veracrypt is that to use any of my encrypted files, I must unlock all of them.  If someone has hacked my computer, and can copy files from it, then ALL of my sensative information is open to them.  With Axcrypt1, at least the damage is minimized so they can only get the information from the one currently open file.

I understand that if you have been hacked to the extent someone is accessing your computer, you are already in a world of hurt.  But I guess it makes me “feel” better knowing the whole farm isn’t wide open when I work with one file.

By the way, it seems like from a functional security standpoint, if I use the same very strong password for all my files with axcrypt1 (thus saving me from remembering multiple passwords), it would still be better security than all my files basically unencrypted at once.

BTW, Many thanks for your work over the years.