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AxCrypt 2 on Windows prompts for the password associated with my e-mail, but says the password is incorrect.

I fetched the password from where I stored it in an encrypted file on another computer, and have carefully made sure I am typing it correctly. I have successfully entered the password using this process at least once since installing AxCrypt 2 last year, and I am certain that I have not changed the stored password.

I have also tried logging into using the same credentials, and they fail.

Therefore I am trying to think of an explanation for the password being rejected by AxCrypt. Is it possible that a server or component is down in your system, which produces the symptom of a failed password? It is 12:20pm UTC-05:00, 19-March. Is there any other explanation for why the password would be rejected? I suppose somebody could have hacked my e-mail and changed the password. But then I would have received a notification e-mail?

Thank  you.