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Hello Matze,

Thanks for the feedback. However, this is a public forum, and while we appreciate negative as well as positive feedback – we like constructive and polite feedback even more!

If you’d like to tell us just what aspects of the user interface you found least appealing or most hard to understand, it would actually help us improve the product! If you do, can I please ask you to formulate it a little nicer?

Commenting on the one actual concrete criticism concerning AES-128 vs. AES-256, could you perhaps provide some sources for that statement? To our knowledge, there is no indication that AES-128 strength “is a little low for security requirements“.  Then again, that depends on just what those requirements are. AES-128 is considered strong enough for US government information classified as secret, it’s apparently good enough for some requirements. It’s also good enough for use in many private and public corporations according to their respective polices. Other requirements require other levels of strength. Just stating that a security measure “is a little low for security requirements” without reference to the actual requirements is both a meaningless and misleading statement.

If you state that AES-128 is a little low for your personal security requirements, that’s fine. We have many users who are correctly judging that AES-128 is good enough for any reasonable personal level of security, and who also realize that they are unlikely to use passwords of sufficient length and complexity to even approach 128 bits in actual strength anyway. Then we have others users who feel more comfortable with AES-256, and for those we offer that too – at a small cost in our Premium software.

Concerning your implied criticism of the fact that we have a for-pay option with advanced features for AxCrypt, that’s just an aspect of the real world, where we simply need revenue in order to develop, maintain, support and improve the software. We still offer a really useful software entirely for free, something most software manufacturers do not.