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Hello Giles,

Since many readers of these forums are not experts, and cannot be expected to be able to see what is fact and what is fiction, when a statement such as “Cryptographers consider the whole suite of AES implementations to be broken: AES-128, AES-196 and AES-256 to be broken.” – Please provide a reputable source reference! The article from 2011 you refer to while very interesting, does not in any way indicate that AES is broken. In fact, it explicitly states: “However, it doesn’t compromise AES in any practical way.”.

Exactly which cryptographers have this opinion, and where have they published results to support it? To my knowledge, no such cryptographers exist, or such results.

Also, I’m afraid the statement that “AES is considered broken”, followed by a statement that “for practical purposes it still is the best cipher“, is just plain contradictory. Broken is broken. If it’s broken it should not be used. But AES is *not* considered broken by any published cryptographers.

As always there are conspiracy theorists, but is beyond the scope and dignity of these forums I believe.