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Svante, my remarks aren’t contradictory – I’m using the term “broken” in the correct, academic and cryptographic sense.

If a cipher can be broken with anything less than exhaustive key search, which AES can, then it’s considered broken. That doesn’t mean that it’s no good.

The AES biclique attack, from a very reputable source, proves this.

Also, see this.

Here are Bruce Schneier’s remarks:

“Breaking a cipher simply means finding a weakness in the cipher that can be exploited with a complexity less than brute force. Never mind that brute-force might require 2128 encryptions; an attack requiring 2110 encryptions would be considered a break…simply put, a break can just be a certificational weakness: evidence that the cipher does not perform as advertised.”

If his comments aren’t reputable then I don’t know whose are.