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if the first user wants to share 10 files, will they have to send 10 share requests, or does AxCrypt know its already sent a new account email and tag it onto that?

The only time AxCrypt will send an invitation link is when that person isn’t registered on AxCrypt’s systems. An example:

  • Bob shares a file with Alice for the first time. Alice signs up to AxCrypt.
  • The next day Bob needs to share another file (again, with Alice). He accesses his network server, clicks share, AxCrypt detects that Alice is already a user and she won’t be invited to sign-up again.
  • Thus if Alice phones Bob and asks him to share a file with her then it’s a simple case of clicking share and it’s done.
  • Ergo all the sharing is done behind the scenes using the key-files that AxCrypt allocate to their users unlike PGP-style products which require the parties to manage the public/private keys themselves.


If the first user is using 256bit encryption, will the second user be able to read it given they use the free product (max 128bit?) or will they need to subscribe?


  • To share a file you need to be a premium user.
  • Example: Alice (a free user) cannot share a file with Bob (a premium user)
  • However, Bob can share any file with Alice and she can open it (even if it’s encrypted using AES-256).
  • The level of encryption is irrelevant because only premium users can share.


Lastly, is it possible to share all files in a folder structure without individually sharing them? possibly by selecting the parent folder?

I’ve never done this but the developer has previously said that it is possible.

See here.