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I notice if you right click on a folder in the ‘Secured Folders’ you can select ‘Share Keys’ which brings up the option to share with another user (same as the file option) – presume this might be how sharing folders is done?


Because AxCrypt works on a file-level it encrypts individual files. Now you can choose to share everything inside that folder with a particular contact/friend or only some files. Conversely Bob could share everything with Alice but only some files with Jack.

If the other user already has a fully paid existing AxCrypt account before receiving share requests (and hence the invitation to create an account), will they still receive the share capability providing the email addresses match? Suppose they wont get the email?

If Bob and Alice are both Premium users then either party can share with each other at any time.

The share ‘request’ is done manually, e.g. Alice would email/phone/ask Bob to share a file or folder with her and then Bob would click ‘share’ and it’s done.

What Alice can’t do is look through your network drive and think to herself ‘I need access to this file’ and click a button in AxCrypt which automatically sends you an email asking you to unlock it – that feature doesn’t. So any share “request” is exactly that, a request, and has to be made ‘manually’ (e.g. by email/phone) so to speak.

If I understand you correctly: if both parties are Premium users they can both reciprocally share files with each other at any time without further ado. If only one person is Premium (and the other is free) then only the Premium user can do the sharing and the free user can receive the file.