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My biggest pet peeve about v2 is actually a simple functionality change you made earler that doesn’t seem to account for separate scenarios and thus confused me at first, and I assume would confuse other users as well.

I’m referring to an earlier post in this thread back in September, specifically:

– The main Window state is remembered, so if you minimize it it will usually stay minimized and never show unless you ask for it.

Here’s the scenario I encountered:

When I first installed/opened Axcrypt 2 I minimized it, which sent it to the notification icons on the taskbar.  Then I went and double-clicked on a file encrypted with Axcrypt and entered the password to decrypt it.  Then the interface just disappeared and gave me no visual indication it was decrypting a file, I first assumed that it had crashed, so I moused over the notification icon on the taskbar in the bottom right and it didn’t disappear, so I opened it.  Even after manually opening Axcrypt to check what was going on, there was still no clear indication anything was being decrypted, there was just a loading bar on the bottom of Axcrypt with no description, and nothing in the main window of Axcrypt.  While it turns out this was a bar for the decryption, to me this is a poor design choice for the user’s experience.