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Thanks for your help.

I was able to find the password, but there is something strange when im trying to unencrypt some files. I will try to explain it:

When I made the encryptation, I did it from a root folder which contains inside several folder and files, thousand of files and hundreds of folders.

Now, I used the AxBruteForce trying with a single one file and it works:  I found my lost key. So I was able to unencrypt that file. Then I continue unencrypting more single files without any problem. But then I tried to unencrypt the complete set of files and folders from the root folder. And then I was asking to introduce a password in one file. And the previous password (the one that works) doesnt work this time. I have been playing a little bit more, and I found that a lot of more files can not be opened with that key, but there is also files that are some files are unencrypt with no problem.

I am pretty pretty sure that I just encrypt once time the complete set of files from the root folder using a one single key, so I dont understand why some files works with one key, and some files doesnt not work. I  dont now if there is some more thing involved here, not just a question of lost pasword. Can you please help? because As it has been told, I think i didnt use different password, just one, so this time is imposible to remember a “password that I didn’t use”

And another second question: I realize that, having a folder with some files that can be unencrypted with the key and some files that can not be unencrypted with the key, if i try to unencript from the upper folder (let say go to the upper folder level, right click in the mouse, select AXCrypt/unencrypt) the software ask for the unknownk key all the time, so I am unable to unencrypt any file inside that folder, neither the well know files. SO I have to get into the folder and select the files one by one. Those who have a known key are unencrypt, those who have a unkonw key are  not  but I can not do this way in thousand of files and folders. I would like to know if there is a way to do it from the root folder, and those files with well known key can be unencrypted.

I dont know If I explain it right. sorry for My english. If you have any doubt please contact with me.


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