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I have been a fan of AxCrypt for some years and found it easy to use, up to version 1.7.

I was just sent the e-mail to say version 2 was now available, but I am having to switch between both versions as it seems that neither version can handle the other versions encrypted files.

As I keep older versions of my secured files in case I ever make a mistake and overwrite data, I can always refer back to an earlier version. As I can’t simply use the latest version to be able to look at the old files I am in a quandary whether to move to the new version or simply stick with the older one.

As the new version has an Android version I was hoping to use that to view the secure files on my android devices as well as my PCs.

Is it at all possible to use version 2 to open version 1.7 files?

Is it possible to have both versions running on a PC at the same time?