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I did not say damaged. I said can no longer open with either version 1 or version 2. I use the file several days every day, but when I installed version 2 and clicked on the file as I usually do, the version 2 program almost immediately went to error popup. If either a GUI or window to ask some registration for first time use or for passphrase to be entered was supposed to be displayed, that did not happen. So it was not expected that the file would be accessed and left in some unusable state. I guess I should have backed up the file, but since version 1 was work so well, I just didn’t think I would have any problem. As for the Lavasoft program, no, it is not on any of my pcs. As for the “full” report, that seems a bit cumbersome to gather and not sure the necessary files are still there. And I am not happy to work via email for days to try to resolve this. Version 2 does not seem to be a great follow or easy transition.  If no window was displayed, it should not have done altered the file at that point. Disappointing to say the least.