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I did not say damaged. I said can no longer open with either version 1 or version 2.

In other words, it’s damaged. If it wasn’t then you’d be able to open the file.


I guess I should have backed up the file, but since version 1 was work so well, I just didn’t think I would have any problem.

If the file(s) are that important then you should always back them up, encrypted or not.

Why the 3-2-1 backup rule STILL makes sense


As for the “full” report, that seems a bit cumbersome to gather and not sure the necessary files are still there. And I am not happy to work via email for days to try to resolve this.

Unless you’re happy posting (potentially) confidential log files then nobody can help.


Disappointing to say the least.

I am merely a user but nobody can help you without the relevant information. Nobody else is experiencing these difficulties which suggest that you are doing something wrong.

If you provide Svante with the relevant information then he’ll be able to help you.