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About an hour after my initial failure to start AxCrypt2, I went back to try for some snips as you suggested.

To my surprize, this time it took my 17 character password (stored in a password manager in case you thought I mistyped it the first time).

Now I was able to open an AxCrypt1 file directly into a text editor (no option to just decrypt the file in place).

However the password reset is still greyed out:

PW Reset Greyed

I still don’t know if the 17 character password is the new password for encrypting new files. The idea of Account password vs File encryption password vs Password to login to Axantum website is still confusing.

One other gripe. When I try to use the snipping tool my email address is prominently displayed at the top of the windows. So I have to crop below or “pencil” out the information before I can post a screen shot on a forum. Please remove this as it is not necessary for the program to function.