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Hello Zorkoff,

The password reset option is probably reset because you’re offline.

That nicely segues into your gripe about the email being displayed. That’s just the thing – we’ve helped quite a few people by way of screenshots with full information. For example – when they are not signed, or are trying to sign in, to the wrong email. No, it’s not necessary for the program to function – but nor is help texts, tool tips, documentation – or even menus. But it’s darn useful!

Here’s how AxCrypt 2 works regarding passwords:

One password to rule them all – for the account, for sign in to the app for encryption and decryption. So, when signed in, all new files, and converted version 1 files, will be encrypted with the current sign in password.

If, however, you try to open a file that cannot be opened with the sign in password, then we’ll prompt you for a ‘file password’. This typically happens at the beginning after an upgrade, when the AxCrypt 2 account has a different password then the one used before with the old AxCrypt 1.