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Does that mean that 32 bit Axcrypt will no longer be supported?

AxCrypt 1 is a totally different product (same developer) which relies on symmetric encryption (AES-128).

AxCrypt 2 is the newer product, re-designed from the bottom up, and uses asymmetric encryption (AES-128 / AES-256).

  • Both versions are secure, neither have been broken.
  • AxCrypt 1 is no longer being developed but still works. It’s free and open source. Has fewer features.
  • AxCrypt 2 is actively developed and has mobile apps as well. There’s a free option (AES-128) and premium option (AES-256) which has a few more features. It’s also open source.
  • You can still use AxCrypt 2 without the shell integration.
  • Most commercial/free encryption software run exclusively in 64-bit environments. Very few programmers are bothering to maintain their software for 32-bit OS and users are stuck using non-supported products because the world has moved on and it’s no longer feasible to maintain two versions. Very few Linux distros for example support 32-bit any more.