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Hi Svante,

Sorry about the delay in responding, I just got out of the hospital last Friday and had things to deal with.

OK, I have been doing some testing.

1. If I change the password using the AxCrypt-2 portable program interface it changes the password for access to this website as well. That surprised me.

2. After changing the password, files encrypted with AxCrypt-2 using the original password can be decrypted using the new password. (I don’t know how you do this, but it makes me nervous). I am concerned that if I change the password for the web site, that I would not have access to my encrypted data. Please explain how files encrypted using different passwords can be decrypted using just the latest password.

3. Why do you keep referring to secured vs unsecured files? What is wrong with encrypt and decrypt? It was by accident that I found out that “Stop securing File” meant decrypt back to native format. You could be more straightforward in your terminology.

4. The menu image I posted 2 entries ago was taken while I was logged in. So your response as to why the “Reset Password” entry was grayed out does not apply. It still happens and is a mystery to me.

5. As to posting the email address in the header of a window screen-shot/clip, I don’t accept the premise that it is useful; when someone surfing the web for email addresses can use this for sending spam. That is as bad as posting your email as plain text in your message, a practice that is warned against by most all security professionals.

6. I have several (make that hundreds) of files encrypted using AxCrypt-1.7 and have copies saved across multiple computers and NAS devices. When I opened one of these files with AxCrypt-2 and closed the application, the file had been converted to the AxCrypt-2 password format WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. I had not checked any of the upgrade 1.x to 2.x menu selections. Now these files are NOT AVAILABLE on any computers that have not been updated to AxCrypt-2. This is wrong!

I will be looking forward to your comments.