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  1. The website password and encryption password is the same. It’s hashed and AxCrypt don’t have access to it.
  2. The reason the files open using the new password is because AxCrypt 2 uses the more modern asymmetric encryption. That means your password isn’t the ultimate key to your files. The actual key material is encrypted using your password. Obviously if you forget your password you lose access and nobody can help you regain access. So whenever you change your password you’re changing the password to the secret keys that decrypt your files. If you want more information search Google for “key encryption key”. This is how modern cryptography works.
  3. People such as yourself, and less technical people, don’t always understand what encryption/decryption entails as evidenced by your misunderstanding of modern crypto systems. Users aren’t expected to understand cryptography so the use of terms like secured/unsecured explain it more clearly. “Stop securing file” is understood by the majority of people to mean decrypt/remove protection.
  4. Being logged into AxCrypt is not the same as being online. Were you actually connected to the internet? Try logging out and logging back in and make sure you’ve got an active internet connection.
  5. People rarely need to post screenshots. Those who do would have the common sense to cut their email address out of the picture. Most of the time the submissions would be via email anyway therefore there’d be no problem.
  6. If you access a v1 file in AxCrypt 2 it will upgrade it to the latest encryption. The “Auto Upgrade” option is for files which you don’t access but want to upgrade to v2 encryption nevertheless.

Maybe Svante will have something else to add but as an experienced cryptographer myself it seems that the problem you’re having is misunderstanding the difference between the two versions.