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Hi Ladislav & Svante

You are right, I am not a cryptographer, I am an end user and I suspect that I am the person you are designing the program for and if I am having a problem understanding how the program works, you as a developer have not succeeded in a clear user interface.

As for the convenience of switching from V1 to V2 encryption with auto-upgrade, if you tell the end user that you are about to do this, I have no problem as long as there is a way to say NO. Maybe even have a box that says “Don’t ask me again”, but at least let the user know what you are about to do. Don’t expect the user to examine the options and notice that the auto-upgrade box was checked by default.

I ran the program WITHOUT an internet connection and the “Password Reset” and “Change Password” were grayed out. Running WITH internet access shows “Password Reset” grayed out. When is it not grayed out? I tried to use the help menu, but it will not work without internet access.

The terms encrypt/decrypt are prominently shown in AxCrypt 1. All of your current users know and understand this. Switching to secured/unsecured is a terminology change which many of your current users (include me) are not familiar. You could make that more clear that this is the “new age” terminology going forward.

From your own help page [] I still see the terms Encrypt and Decrypt.

Why do I not see the AxCrypt menu when I right-click?

AxCrypt is intended to show a menu named AxCrypt, with subsequent menu choices such as ‘Encrypt’ and ‘Decrypt’ when you right-click a file. This is called a ‘Context Menu’ in Windows. If you don’t see this menu, your first options should be to uninstall AxCrypt, and then re-install. Always being sure to really reboot when asked to. Don’t take any shortcuts here!

This does not seem consistent with Ladislav’s previous response.

I am still learning about AxCrypt 2 and I am keeping an open mind. I still do not understand why there is a folder created in the user Documents folder called “My AxCrypt”.  I have “Secured” some files, but they are still in their original folders. When would this new folder be used and why? Did I miss something in the Help page?