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Hello Zorkoff,

You’re entirely right – if you’re confused, we can do better.  We’re continously trying to take input such as yours into account. Thank you!

“Password Reset” is not greyed when you’re online and not signed in – that’s the only situation that it makes sense. You can’t really “reset” an encryption password, and that’s not we do either. We do reset the account sign in password, but it won’t let you open any files encrypted with the pre-reset password. It can’t. It’s encryption after all.

It’s hard to be consistent, but we should not be using encrypt/decrypt in the how-to page. The intention is that we use secure/unsecure consistently, and in the technical section explain just exactly what this entails (i.e. encryption/decryption).

Not sure about the missing right-click, if that’s the case, but the most common reason is using a third party 32-bit shell (‘explorer’)  in 64-bit Windows. AxCrypt supports both 32-bit and 64-bit, but not the hybrid of a 32-bit shell in a 64-bit Windows. The second most common is a broken or incomplete installation, followed by no installation – running the portable / standalone version instead.