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One last comment on Terminology…

AxCrypt is an encryption program. People who choose to use AxCrypt do so because they want to encrypt their data. I don’t need to know “what encryption entails” to be able to use AxCrypt. I don’t have to be a mechanic to know how to drive a car.

The concept of encryption has been in the vocabulary for many decades. In WWII the Germans used the Enigma Machine for encryption and every one understood what that means. In short, there is only one meaning for the terms Encrypt or Encryption – the scrambling of data using an algorithm or cipher.
On the other hand, in the English language there are many meanings for “Secure or Secured“.

1. Cargo is usually secured on a ship. To secure a line is to tie the rope tight.

2. A mortgage or loan is secured by collateral. Without collateral, it is an Unsecured loan.

3. A person can secure some food for an event. (That is to acquire or obtain the food).

4. Someone can secure some data by locking it in a Safe with a lock (this does not imply encryption).

5. Windows and doors should be secured before a storm. Batten down the hatches, so to speak.

6. Someone may feel secure in the knowledge that they are safe from harm.

There is no reference in Webster’s Dictionary where the word Secure has the meaning Encrypted.

However, to be fair, secure does mean to make safe. So I guess one could stretch this to mean encrypted. But this is in no way the accepted norm and your average end user has to learn your new meaning. Please do not expect them to see this as obvious.

I hope you will think about these comments. Thank you for attention.