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I just tried version 2 and then switched back to version 1.  Simply for your information, I thought I would tell you why.

Version 1 does exactly what I want.  I can secure a few files.  I don’t have many that are truly private. As soon as I close those files, they are no longer accessible without re-entering their passwords.

I don’t have a care whether they have separate passwords or not.  I am not much concerned about someone getting access to my PC and installing a key logger or other sophisticated spyware.  What I am concerned about is getting up to get a cup of coffee, not taking the time to log off, and having someone come by and being able to open one of my few confidential files.  Encryption strength is much less an issue than protecting against personal oversight when in a hurry, which is a well-proven risk.  With AxCrypt 1, I click the X and all is secure.  With AxCrypt 2, it takes another step when I leave the PC.

I commend you for the great product you developed in AxCrypt 1.7.  I am sure AxCrypt 2.x will be just a good for people who need the features, but right now that is not me.