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Captain Quirk

@ Eddie: Once small gripe (I hate to complain, especially when you went to so much trouble to carefully read users’ questions and give complete, thoughtful answers), but it can be confusing when a person asks a question that calls for an either/or response, and the answer given instead is “yes” or “no”.

For example, Rob asked: “If the first user is using 256bit encryption, will the second user be able to read it given they use the free product (max 128bit?) or will they need to subscribe?”

And your answer was “Yes.”

Yes to what?  The recipient can use the free version of AxCrypt to open the encrypted file, or they need to subscribe to the paid version?   Fortunately, your subsequent explanation answered the question, but your initial “Yes” was confusing.

“Are you going to fly to New York, or are you going to take the train?”


Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!!    :-)