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Hello Captain Quirk,

Thank you for your small gripe. I’ll try to do better in the future!

Sometimes it’s hard to answer clearly when the question is not stated clearly. But, here goes:

Q:  “If the first user is using 256bit encryption, will the second user be able to read it given they use the free product (max 128bit?) or will they need to subscribe?”

A: “If the first user is using 256-bit encryption with a Premium subscription, the second user will be able to read it with AxCrypt Free. A user receiving encrypted and key shared files from someone do not need to subscribe to Premium to open such a file. To be able to key share, i.e. be the sender, Premium is required.”

Q: “Are you going to fly to New York, or are you going to take the train?”

A: “I don’t know, I have no trip planned for New York right now. But, when I do,  and assuming we’re referring to New York, NY, USA it’s likely to be by plane unless they’ve opened the transatlantic railway by then, seeing as I live and work out of Stockholm, Sweden. For those who skipped that crucial geography lesson, Stockholm Sweden and New York is separated by a big pond of water called the Atlantic ocean west of Sweden. Going east instead, you can take the train for quite some distance, but then there’s another pond called the Pacific ocean. There is of course the option of going by boat, but it’s fairly slow and very expensive, so I probably won’t be doing that.”