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I’ve installed your software and always stayed offline, then immediately realized that I need to change my password. But I can’t find the way.

If this is the case, it leaves me puzzled. I imagine, in fact, that at least as long as I never connect to internet I should be able to change my password without giving any info to the outside, or my security level would lower rather than increase. Am I guessing correct?

And if you still tell me that I have to connect in order to reset my password, will that create any kind of ‘dependency’ between my application and your servers?


To change your password you need to do so from within the AxCrypt application – File | Options | Change Password. I’ve put a screenshot below.

You should (it’s highly recommended that you are) be connected to the internet when changing your password. The reason for this is that some AxCrypt users want to share files with friends/colleagues. Changing your password updates the secret key held on the AxCrypt servers. The secret key does not contain your password; it’s there so that AxCrypt knows how to encrypt your file. There’s more information on the password change process here.

I won’t go further into the technical details (they’re confusing for the layman) but they’re here if you want to know more.

If AxCrypt was to suddenly go out of business (the “dependency” you refer to) then you’d still be able to decrypt all of your files. You’d even be able to continue using it to encrypt your files if you really wanted to… although if AxCrypt did go out of business then I’d recommend you look for new encryption software.

If you’ve not understood anything I’ve said above then the only message you need to go away with is that you should make sure you’re online when changing your password as it avoids all sorts of problems. Feel free to disconnect whenever you’ve done it. If you don’t go online then you’ll end up with multiple passwords.