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Captain Quirk

My apologies to Eddie, for inadvertently making a Big Deal out of a little thing – that was not my intention!  It just sort of spiraled out of control when Svante chimed in and I thought he had misunderstood me.  (As it turns out, he hadn’t.)  So I went into a lengthy re-explanation.  If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve just kept my mouth shut in the first place.  :-)

I’m not really an uptight grammarian – it’s just that the “yes” response to Rob’s “either/or” question genuinely confused me, albeit just for a moment.  Eddie’s subsequent explanation cleared it up.  (I will say this, though: the very fact that many people on this forum are not native English speakers is all the more reason for us to be extra careful in our syntax.)

Thanks to both of you for your efforts (I know Eddie isn’t an AxCrypt employee or representative), and I wish you both a great day or evening, according to your respective time zones.   ;-)