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Robert M

Hello, Gerard.

I read your informative post with interest.  I have a few questions.

1) Is  your Zip cracking software likely to be effective against, say, a 32 character (pseudo) randomly generated password?  I’m talking about current WinZip versions, using AES-256.

2) Weren’t the 7Zip vulnerabilities fixed with version 16?  I ask because I honestly don’t know.  The linked article suggests they were patched.

I’ve made a mental adjustment about the subscription model.  I think it’s a pretty good deal when compared with other premium encryption products.  Over the past 20+ years I’ve spent way too much on encryption software because I didn’t know any better. Trust is a big issue and I trust that Axcrypt is secure and that any discovered vulnerabilities will be fixed. I don’t want to worry about things like that.  That’s worth something.