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All of your points are valid.  And my use of this feature I must admint is probably an exception to what would be normal for anyone having to send encrypted information on a regular basis.  The following information is provided, not to disagree with you but to explain a little further.

I use this feature to send financial information quarterly or yearly to my CPA who admits being technically challenged.  Because of this, I was reluctant to have her go through the process of installing software on her computer just to be able to receive my information.

First, I usally have about 8 documents in pdf format that I include into a .zip file.  I then encrypt the .zip file to an executable.  Then I rename the file from the form of filename.exe to filename.txt so that it will not be blocked by her email.

She receives the .txt file, renames it to an .exe file, double clicks on this file and is prompted for the password, (which was decided on long ago and transmitted in a separate email at that time).  She then can open the .zip file and has access to the documents.

I can see that with the version 2 product, you can just run the executable version without going through an install.  This may be an easier solution for her.  I will give the version 2 product a second look to see if this can simplify the process.

I agree with someone else who did not like the fact that version 2 does not prompt for a password when you open an encrypted file on your own computer.  I know that is for convenience, but in his case, it is a shared computer.  I know the arguments, but if anyone gains access to your computer, like an administrator, they now have access to your encrypted documents.  I think you may need to give this issue a second look!  Also the user interface is not as intuitive as you may have thought.

PS. I don’t want to be all negative here.  I appreciate what you have done with this product.  I can see that a lot of effort has gone into this and I applaud you for all the new features.