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Thanks for your quick reply.

You mentioned that Axcrypt 2.x doesn’t support Key Files.  So for all of the encrypted files that I currently have which require a Key File, does that mean that 2.x will not be able to open those files?  Or when prompted for entering the password in 2.x, I have to type in my memory known password + manually copy and paste the keyfile data and append it to the end of the memory based password before I can open the file?  Once I close the file in 2.x, does it then save it using my 2.x master PW or is the file still encrypted in the old 1.x 128 bit encrypted format using the memory password + key file pw combo?

I’ll have to read more on the 2.x product before trying to make the switch.  I guess the part that bothers me is that my once private complex password is now tied to an email address.  If my email ever gets hacked then it sounds like the hacker can then easily access my local encrypted files by using some sort of recovery option that the Axcrypt team have engineered.  Again, I’m not sure I 100% understand the tie in with email so I’ll go back to reading your documentation on 2.x.  For now, I’ll stick to 1.x.