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Thanks for such a wonderfully quick reply.

I did have a look at your old webpage <> and <> prior to posting my question but I could only find mention of the 32-bit edition.

Great suggestion about PGP! We’ll reach out to Symantec to see if they have any licensable copies of PGP for Windows 3.11 but very few vendors support it any more. I remember that at one time it was embargoed software so we’ll need to make sure we don’t get an export [weakened] version.

I knew it was a long-shot and I really wish I didn’t have to support such old architecture but with systems cost $40m+ to replace it looks like we’re going to have to develop a 3DES solution ourselves. I vaguely recall Borland Turbo C but I’m not familiar with it and we’ll probably end up hiring somebody who remembers the older languages.

We’ve only just managed to upgrade from 5.25″ floppies because of compatibility problems with the “newer” 3.5″disk – I’m not joking :-(