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When you Sign Out of AxCrypt 2 what happens to your files. Nothing, they remain encrypted

If I’m understanding you correctly, this is why.

The way AxCrypt 2 works is that whilst you’re logged in your files are accessible. It does this to make accessing your files more seamless. Forcing a user who is sitting at their computer to enter a password every time is pointless.

This behaviour poses little security risk because as soon as your screensaver starts, or another user signs-in to their Windows account, AxCrypt will demand your password. Without your AxCrypt password your files remain secure.

AxCrypt also demands your password if you restart your computer. If you prefer then you can manually sign out of AxCrypt each time but there’s no reason to do this if you’re sitting at your computer!

If I’ve misunderstood please post back and somebody will try to help you.

Jon, I believe you have misunderstood. The issue is that encrypted files are magically being decrypted. I highly doubt AxCrypt decrypts all your encrypted files simply because the user logs off/restarts their machine.