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“Your directions above say that I must touch each file with the standalone v2. That is a lot of work. An automated v2>v1 solution would be much appreciated.”

It would be nice for an automated solution. I didn’t have 300 files when I upgraded but I know it’s the case that you have to “touch” [open] the file so that it may be converted and you need to have Auto Convert enabled in the File – Options menu otherwise they’ll stay at v1.

Here’s an idea for you. I have no clue how fast your computer is but why don’t you try this:

  • open Windows explorer (Win + E)
  • run a search for all files with an .AXX extension (*.axx)
  • select them all (Ctrl + A)
  • press enter

That’ll force them to all load simultaneously and start converting in the background. You might want to keep your AxCrypt 1 password in the clipboard so that you can paste it (Ctrl + V) in the event AxCrypt 2 prompts you for it more than once (assuming you’re not using different passwords).