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Hello Dwight,

I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but the simple fact is that writing new code in order to convert files back from version 2 in order to use an unsupported version 1 software, is simply not a a priority ;-) We’d much rather put the effort in making you happy with version 2, which we already feel is a huge improvement – but it can of course get better!

However, we do publish all the source code, so you could roll your own if you think the community would appreciate it.

Also, from what you’ve described, I don’t think you’ve actually converted all your 300 files to v2, have you? My suggestion was to have the portable version on hand, whenever you need it. v1 will tell you if the file is too new to open, i.e. a v2 file.

Wayne, for the other way around – converting from v1 to v2, we have that in the program. You don’t have to open each file in order to auto-convert.