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Captain Quirk

@ kz: I think I can answer this one for you:

The answer is an emphatic NO.

Not that I agree with the reasoning found at the above blog page.  Yes, of course a continuous income stream is great for the company receiving the income.   (Who doesn’t like a continuous stream of income in perpetuity?)  But individuals don’t like the idea of being “roped in” to an endless monthly expense.

The argument in favor of the subscription model is that traditional software gets upgraded from time to time, and therefore you have to keep buying the latest version, so therefore you’re not really saving anything under the “one-time” license purchase model.  But you DON’T have to keep buying the latest version every time a new version comes out.  That’s a fallacy.   Just because a new version of something comes out, doesn’t mean the old version suddenly stops working.


Another argument is that since AxCrypt V2 uses server resources that represent an ongoing expense to the company, it’s only fair that the user pay for that functionality on an ongoing basis.  But AxCrypt CHOSE to design their new version that way — the  users didn’t.  I would have been perfectly happy (if not happier) with an application that DIDN’T require the sending of data to and from Axcrypt’s servers.

Just my humble opinion.   :-)

— “Captain Quirk”