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Hi kz and Captain Quirk,

Just a real-world example of why I really think our straight Premium subscription is more honest and fair. The following just arrived in my e-mail box. It’s 100% real, but since I don’t want to throw dirt around, I’ve redacted the actual software name:

Thank you for using the [redacted] by [redacted]!

It’s been a while since you purchased this plugin, and your license key will expire on May 10, 2017. Don’t worry, if you’re currently using the plugin on your website, it won’t stop working when the license key expires, and it’s perfectly fine to keep using it as long as you want!

However, if you’d like to continue to be eligible to receive updates and support for the plugin, you’ll need to renew your license key, and we’d like to offer you a discount of 25% off* the regular price! To renew now, please visit [redacted] and follow the instructions shown.

So, we bought a “one off” license a year ago. Now, we can no longer update it – regardless of security issues, incompatibility issues or whatever. But we can get a new license key for another year at 75% of the original “one off” cost.

I like our subscription better. The reason why a subscription *feels* worse, is because it’s honest! It tells you upfront, in no uncertain terms, that if you want to actively continue using the software with all the bells and whistles, here’s what the yearly cost is. Our subscription is also just for certain features. You have free upgrades forever even if you don’t purchase Premium, so while we’re alive, we’ll keep updating it for new versions of the platforms and fix bugs and any security issues.

Would you rather be hoodwinked like with the above, or have it out plain to see from day one?